BodyTech Physiotherapy offers a selection of braces, stability balls, shoulder pulleys, sports tape, cold/hot packs, TENS machines and foam rollers for a variety of orthopaedic conditions affecting both the upper and lower quadrants. We stock braces from Bauerfeind and Professional Orthopedic Products. Braces are available in standard ‘off the shelf' formats and are typically in stock or available within 48hrs.

Please call or visit our display area in the clinic for more information or to speak with one of our physiotherapists about selecting a brace and choosing the correct size.


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Chicopee Clinic
1601 River Rd, Unit 30A
Kitchener, N2A 3Y4
Phone: 519.954.6000

Williamsburg Clinic
1270 Fischer-Hallman Rd, Unit B6
Kitchener, N2R 1P7
Phone: 519.742.6001