Foam Rolling course

Foam Rolling Course Feb 23rd, 2019
Instructor: Tim Penner
Please call the clinic at 519.954.6000 or email to register.

Deadline to register is February 15th.

This 2 hour myofascial release or foam rolling workshop will provide you with information on how to use a foam roller as well as education on how to choose the most appropriate type. You will learn and practice different foam rolling techniques for various muscles in the upper and lower body. The workshop will provide you with the knowledge of when you should foam roll, why and how to safely release your muscles to improve mobility.

Please bring your own foam roller or one can be purchased the day of at a discounted rate.

Osteoporosis Exercise classes

Osteo Exercise Class Jan 14th - Feb 25th, 2019
Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Instructor: Lauren Harding

This 6 week exercise program is designed for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia to help maintain bone density. The program includes all three types of exercise needed to maintain bone density: weight bearing, resistance and flexibility. Taught by a Registered Kinesiologist and run in a group circuit format. These classes will also include a series of short education sessions every other week with specialized guest speakers.

Participants will be required to be screened prior to participation and may be asked for clearance from their doctor depending on pre-existing issues. Based on the pre-screen exercises may be modified as needed.

Please call the clinic at 519.954.6000 or email to register or find out more information. The registration deadline is Jan 7th, 2019.